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Discovered Errors & Anomalies

10/14/94 - CLEMDCMP Program
CLEMDCMP outputs Clementine decompressed images in four formats: PDS labeled, unlabeled, GIF, and TIFF formats. It was discovered that the PDS labeled images are missing a carriage-return character at the end of each keyword label. Although it is not a PDS standard, it is recommended that a carriage-return and line-feed character sequence terminate each keyword entry in a label. The CLEMDCMP program will be modified at a later time to incorporate a carriage-return and line-feed sequence. The updated version will exist on a future Clementine volume. It is important to note that software and documentation files may be updated during the production of the Clementine volumes. Always reference the most recent version of the CD-ROM to obtain the most up-to-date files.

10/31/94 - Compressed EDR Image Files
A problem was discovered with the MINIMUM keyword value found in the labels of the image files. The MINIMUM value contains the minimum density number (DN) value of the image array. The value is not always correct. If the minimum value of the image array is located in the upper-left corner pixel of the array (row 1, column 1) then the minimum value is not properly reported. The MINIMUM value reported will be the next larger minimum value in the image array. The problem exists for all volumes in the archive.

10/31/94 - Compressed EDR Image Files
Inconsistencies may exist between the histogram statistics found in the image histogram object and the actual image that is decompressed on your computer platform. Subtle differences in the floating point hardware among computer platforms may cause the Density Number (DN) values of a resulting decompressed image to be occasionally different (within 1 DN) than the decompressed image used to generate the image histogram object. This problem exists for all volumes in the archive.

10/31/94 - MISSINDX.HDR
There is an inconsistency between the record length of the MISSINDX.HDR file and the length reported in the MISSINDX.LBL file. The MISSINDX.LBL file indicates the header file is 39 bytes. However, the correct record length should be 47 bytes. Also, the MISSINDX.HDR file is missing a carriage-return line-feed character sequence at the end of the line.

10/31/94 - VOLDESC.CAT
The VOLDESC.CAT file on some CD-ROM volumes may have records (lines) which are not 80 characters in length. This problem exists because the file was updated by hand to reflect the current volume number and orbits included on the volume. Because of the hand input some lines may not be 80 characters in length.


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